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Road Trip Fun!

Well, we had a fantastic weekend in Newport. As always, our friends are amazing. Toby and Doug were so welcoming and gracious – and their 3 cats too! They hosted a super fun end of the season cook out with their wonderful neighbors, Kate and Dan. Such a fun party and the boys were so good. We met so many kind people that really went above and beyond with loving Sam and Macklin. So many people we had just met were just sitting and hanging with the boys – it was so kind to see and really touched our hearts. Of course, Sammy was eating up all the attention – literally. Best I can tell, I think he managed to devour about 6 sausages. Friends kept saying, “….I only gave a ½ of a sausage, I hope it’s ok” and so I think all the halves added up to 6 – ha!

We had a great lunch on Sunday at a local restaurant – and the boys got to eat some yummy chicken. It was great to hang with Lissa, Toby and Doug and some of their friends and just relax. Sammy and Macklin were very well behaved at lunch – they let all the little kids pet them and hover around. Sammy is no dummy – he knows kids at lunch will eventually drop food – and boy was he prepared when a little girl 2 tables over dropped her grilled cheese on the ground – her mom just looked up and said, “fair game!”

Sunday afternoon we went back to Kate and Dan’s to watch the Patriots game. The boys were super comfortable at their house. They showed us pictures of their amazing Berner named Becket that crossed the rainbow bridge last year – Sammy could be his liter mate they look so much alike. They showered the boys with love and lots of belly rubs – boys were in heaven!

Unfortunately, we had so much fun – I forgot to take pictures! So all I have is this picture of a pile of exhausted dogs on the car ride home! Ha – they were gassed!


And now a big, huge shout out to the Red Dog Spa! They were filming some videos for their website yesterday so they invited Sam for a free hydro-massage so he could meet the new trainer, Alex. I haven’t seen Sammy this chill in a long time. Sammy was so comfortable with him and warmed up immediately. He swam, had then had all his muscles worked on – he was one happy dog!  All the staff at RDS are amazing – they make the boys feel like the only ones around when we walk in. Thank you! Of course, we didn’t leave without making a follow-up appointment! As you can see, Macklin was all over making sure he was doing a good job!

Now that’s one happy dog!

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  1. AbbysMom said,

    October 12, 2011 @ 3:20 pm     Reply

    Looks like a great trip! Love the pile of exhausted pups pic.

    Abby is jealous about the 6 sausages…

    Kisses from Abby and belly rubs from me to the boys,
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  2. samsamsmom said,

    October 12, 2011 @ 5:22 pm     Reply

    Pile-o-dog made me laugh too….could not tell them apart. I don’t think they picked up their heads for 12 hours after we got home!

    Sammy would def share his snacks with Abby – she’s super cute and way cool….Sammy gives good kisses too. He’s def a ladies man!


  3. chilidawg said,

    October 13, 2011 @ 8:44 pm     Reply

    Love the pictures- specially the puddle of dogs on the ride home. the pool pictures look cool too. sammy is a handsome boy!

    jenna and spirit chili dawg

  4. jerry said,

    October 20, 2011 @ 3:33 am     Reply

    Oh Samsam, parties AND a spaw day? You are one lucky dawg! I love that pic of you waggin’ your tongue in the pool, you are too cute buddy. Do we get to see any videos of you in the pool?

    • samsamsmom said,

      October 21, 2011 @ 6:17 pm     Reply

      I’m not savvy enough to post videos….I’ll try to figure it out. It’s actually quite funny… Sam swims, he’ll all of a sudden just start lapping the water…he thinks the pool is just one big dog bowl.

  5. Kristin Red Dog said,

    November 4, 2011 @ 1:06 am     Reply

    Sam! I’ve been out sick a bit. Have mom shoot me an email at Remind me and I will try to post the video. It’s priceless!

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