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Monday Update

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Sammy had a hydro massage with Alex on Saturday – as always, he was in heaven. It’s just so amazing to see how relaxed he is when he gets in the pool. Macklin continues to just prefer to run around the pool like a maniac which is fine with us….we let Sammy get all the attention. He’s pretty beat by the end of his appointment but it’s always a good tired…he’s just happy. Alex made a really cool video of Sammy and has it posted on the Red Dog facebook page – it’s really neat. We had so much fun.


Nando and Josie came to Sam’s appointment to watch him swim. After the appointment, they climbed in to the back of the truck to try to sneak home with Sammy and Macklin! The dogs did a good job trying to hide them, but it didn’t work!


Saturday was a fun night for Sam because all his grandparents came to visit – we had both my parents and JB’s parents for dinner! That’s a lot of extra hands for ear scratches!

Sammy’s cough is definitely getting worse. Yesterday was the first day that it was fairly persistent. He doesn’t seem to be in any distress at all – he is still eating well and has good energy but the cough is starting to take a toll. He coughed a fair amount of blood yesterday and had a few episodes of coughing fits during the night and again this morning. I was hoping it was just a bad day yesterday but after this morning, doesn’t look like it’s settling down at all. I’ve called Dr. Cronin this morning and will start him on a cough suppressant. We just want to keep him comfortable. Sigh.

Here’s a picture of Macklin trying to “comfort” Sammy – ha! He is definitely a dog that has no concept of his size. He saw a 2 inch opening on the couch and definitely believed he could scoot his butt right in there – then he just chilled pretending to be comfortable! I love the dangling legs and the “this is how I want to be sitting” look on his face! Macklin turned 4 on 11/11 – happy birthday Mack Attack!

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  1. doggiemomma9 said,

    November 14, 2011 @ 8:58 pm     Reply

    Super Sammy you sure are loved sooooo much! I am very sorry to hear about your cough, but I’m hoping Dr. Cronin can help get that under control for you. Mack seems to be trying to “help” you LOL!

    I am also glad to hear you enjoyed your pool time and got lots of ear scratches from your grandpawrents! Sounds like a woofin good time!

    Hugs to you and your family. A happy belated birthday to Mack, too!

    Nancy & Butchey

    • samsamsmom said,

      November 15, 2011 @ 4:01 am     Reply

      Thanks Nancy. We started him on Hydrocodone and Homatropine syrup – he had one cough with blood but now seems to have settled. He cleaned his dinner bowl and had a romp in the yard so hoping this keeps him ok for a bit. I must admit, it’s a bit stressful to hear the cough – he seems fine so I think it’s harder on us. Oh well. And yes, we’re also lucky to have such a good “helper” in Macklin! That dog just makes me giggle!

  2. etgayle said,

    November 14, 2011 @ 10:14 pm     Reply

    wow, it’s like watching johnny weismueller….what a swimmer you are!! sorry to hear about that nasty cough…’out damned cough’ as shakespeare would say!! hope your dr. can fix you up with something to make it better. your pictures and adventures always put a smile on our faces – what a joy-filled life you lead sammy!!!!!

    charon & gayle

    • samsamsmom said,

      November 15, 2011 @ 4:07 am     Reply

      Thanks Charon – he does have a joy filled life – makes it easy for us to live in the moment with him- he’s just so darn chill! He does 50 stokes swimming and then a massage, the 50 more strokes and a massage etc. – I always want to stomp my feet and call next! Ha! Cough seems a bit better with the new medicine….fingers crossed. Thanks for all your warm wishes! Xoxo to you and Gayle!

  3. chilidawg said,

    November 17, 2011 @ 9:35 pm     Reply

    Aw Sammy, I’m sorry about that darn cough 🙁 I hope the cough medicine helps. I just love looking at pictures of both boys, they are so darn beautiful! Macklin reminds me of Finchy with how he’s sitting on the couch- Finchy always finds just that amount of room to “squeeze” into. Makes you smile.

    Jenna & Spirit Chili Dawg

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