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I’m constantly asked how JB and I stay so positive. As you all know, from the outside, it all looks easy – we all just have these rosy outlooks and we just seem to handle what comes our way. And while all that is true, what WE all know is that we definitely have our […]

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Tired Boy

Sammy Boy is still trying to catch up on sleep from his weekend away! The nasty lung mets can really wear a boy out. He’s doing well so far this week. Breathing and cough are the same…no changes. He’s eating so well. I know part of it is from the Prednisone, but his appetite was […]

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Weekend Success!

We had such a brilliant weekend. It was a much needed re-charge for us and we were all treated like royalty. The team at Inn By the Sea could not have possibly made our stay any better. We love it there. We had the most perfect room – with a private entrance right outside so […]

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Shhhh…it’s a secret!

Sam here – I just heard my mom and dad talking and we’re going on a road trip this weekend! I think they are keeping it under wraps because they didn’t know if I would be healthy enough to make the trip. Are you kidding me?!? Bring it on – I’m a rally dog! I’m […]

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Sammy’s Weekend

Sam continues to do ok considering his lung met “situation”. His breathing changes little by little every few days and he coughs a bit more. He’s not coughing a ton but when he does, it’s much harder. We can hear a faint rattle in his breathing and on Saturday he coughed up spots of blood. […]

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Road Trip Fun!

Well, we had a fantastic weekend in Newport. As always, our friends are amazing. Toby and Doug were so welcoming and gracious – and their 3 cats too! They hosted a super fun end of the season cook out with their wonderful neighbors, Kate and Dan. Such a fun party and the boys were so […]

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Did You Say Roadtrip????

Yes, I did boys! Roadtrip on Saturday to Newport! We get to go visit our good friends Tobey, Doug and Lissa. Tobey and Doug are having an end of the season party and the boys are invited! Should be a fantastic weekend with wonderful friends! I hope they can contain themselves for the next few […]

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Good and Not So Good

Happy 5th Birthday to Sammy! Such a happy milestone for us as we really were not sure 7 months ago when he was diagnosed with osteo if he would make it! Sammy turned 5 on Saturday, October 1st. He had a fantastic day. In addition to October 1st being Sam’s birthday, it’s a double great […]

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Sammy’s Weekend

I want to thank each and every one of you for the kind notes of support! This community is amazing and the words of encouragement are always so helpful. I think we’re in a good place, but as you all know, the “stay positive” messages are always a boost. Thank you, thank you, thank you! […]

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Sigh – Lung Mets

Not a good oncology appointment.  We met with Dr. Cronin and it wasn’t great news.  Sam’s lung mets continue to multiply and the existing mets continue to increase in size. Mets that were pea sized 4 weeks ago are now the size of quarters. I don’t even know how to describe what his x-rays look […]

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